What’s New – Easy Repeat Patterns

Create a Repeat Pattern with Amaziograph

I have been looking at ways to make creating a repeat pattern in a simplified way. This week I purchased the new larger sized iPad Pro and I have been testing out some creative apps. I have to say that Amaziograph is a complete winner for me. You can choose from several different graph shapes to make your patterns and resize the graphs to your requirements.

I know that the accuracy in Adobe illustrator on the Mac for creating sharp vector lines is the best. But I actually like the hand drawn look that this app has. Although it would be nice to have the option to change them to vectors. Instead of having to send to a full programme for editing (I know that is super lazy).  I just can’t seem to put the iPad down when I start drawing in this app. I love how much time it is saving me. This means I can produce more and still have time to keep to a good work schedule and it only cost a mere 79p.

There is only one improvement I would make to this app. You can import photos or pictures but I can’t see a way to make a repeat pattern using an imported image. This means if I am using elements that I have drawn using traditional methods I will still have to use the Mac. This isn’t a problem but it is more time consuming. Here are some of my doodles using this app.

repeat patternrepeat patternrepeat patternrepeat patternrepeat patternrepeat pattern

repeat patternrepeat pattern