Time-lapse Video of Flower Element Drawings

Time-Lapse Video of Floral Elements

Lots of things have been happening recently that has prevented me from actually getting any work done, creative work that is and it becomes a problem when I don’t have an outlet for the creativity so I have kept the inspiration going by doing research when I can and taking my sketch book with me everywhere I go to make the most of any spare moment.  I have been seeing lots of time-lapse videos around and many of those have been of artists showing their amazing creative skills. I wanted to give it a go and although its pretty awkward to set up with a mobile phone I managed to at least give it a go, its not a lengthy one which results in stunning work its just me drawing some floral elements to scan in and use digitally. I hope to be posting more on this blog now that we have settled in our new home in the countryside. I have put all of the flower elements from my video in a dropbox folder for you to download as a freebie. Feel free to use these for any projects you like whether its paid work or for selling cards etc but please don’t sell the digital files or pass them on to people. If you think someone would like them please send them here so they can download the files themselves.

Whats the best time lapse video you have seen?