WordPress Tutorial – How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Bing Webmaster Tools


add your wordpress site to bing

One thing I have realised since I started blogging 4 years ago is that when it comes to the technical side of things like learning what to do with the blog behind the scenes it can be complicated and very confusing. Everything I have learnt has been self taught through reading tutorials, watching "how to's" on you tube and just generally getting so confused that I gave up several times and revisited things with determination. Sometimes when frustration hits it is always better to leave it and try again another day. Because I am very stubborn and determined I always get there in the end. I have found that I sometimes think things are more complicated than they actually are and it can be easily fixed with just one simple step.

This WordPress tutorial will help you register your site with Bing Webmaster Tools. This is something that will get blogs and websites on the Bing site index which will in turn help you achieve  a higher level of traffic.

If you have never heard of Bing webmaster tools, it's a free service offered by Microsoft for site owners to submit their site and get a complete SEO report and information about their site which can be a great tool to help optimise your site.

Before you start it's a good idea to install the Yoast plugin if you haven't already done so as this will make it much easier to add the verification code to your WordPress site.

Step 1.

Visit this page to Submit your Site to Bing. Insert the url you wish to register and click the button to be taken to another page where you have to input some more site information. You will be asked for the link to your sitemap, this is optional but if you add this it will mean that your site can be crawled more deeply and index more pages of your site. To find this information is much easier than it looks.

submit your site to bing

Go to the Yoast menu on your WordPress site and click on XML sitemaps in the menu and there will be a button that directs you to a page where you can get the url of your sitemaps. Clicking the link will bring up a blank page, just copy the url and paste it into the form for Bing Webmaster tools. Complete the rest of the form with your details and se;eat the options you wish to save. You can set how often you would like to receive email reports about your site at the end of this form.

Step 2.

Once you have clicked on save, you will be taken to a page that asks you to verify your site, you will have 3 choices, click on number 2 and it will bring up an instruction box that explains that you need to add the correct meta tag to the code of your site. This is where Yoast comes in again and means that you don't need to look for anything complicated or have to even add any codes or tags etc. See the image below copy the highlighted long number and then go back to the Yoast settings in your WordPress site.

bing tutorial

Step 3.

Paste the long number into the form on this page... Save the settings and that is all there is to it. You can go back to the Bing just to check that everything you have done is showing up but now you are one step closer to more traffic.

Yoast settings

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