How to Share a Free Printable on WordPress

How to Share a Free Printable on WordPress With a Free Colouring Page Included



Today I am going to show you how to share a free printable with the readers of your WordPress blog. It really is easier than you might think.

Getting your blog noticed and encouraging readers to come back to your blog can be a struggle when you are new to blogging. There are so many things to think about. One great way to get your readers to return is to give them an incentive and maybe even subscribe to your blog. A great way to get more traffic is to offer a free printable, it could be a gift tag, colouring page, inspirational quotes, scrapbook elements, check lists or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Step 1.

Create your printable using your choice of software. Obviously this is dependant on what is available to you. I used the Adobe Creative Suite for most of my designs but when I am asked to come up with something that one of my clients can edit themselves I usually go to Canva as its really user friendly and perfect for anyone wanting to make their own designs without the costly software. You can use anything else too like PicMonkey or even a simple word processing program like Microsoft word. When you are happy with your printable, save it in PDF format. Its also a good idea to add your url somewhere unobtrusive on your printable so people remember where it came from.

Step 2.

Write your blog post that will contain the link to your download. Including it in a blog post rather than in your sidebar will increase the traffic to other pages of your blog and not just the home page. You can either display the link as part of the text or you could make a small image, badge or banner to attach the link to.

Step 3.

Upload your PDF to your WordPress media library. Don’t worry about a preview image as you are only using this to host the downloadable file.

Step 4.

Make sure the uploaded file is selected in your media library and then copy the link on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

add your download link

Step 5.

Add the link to the free printable in the blog post content whether it be to the banner you have created or as part of the text so your readers can click to be taken to the download.


Download colouring page

This tutorial is for WordPress, if you are using blogger then you would have to use another site to host the file for you. Google docs or Dropbox are good contenders for this.

I have been hearing that people don’t like pop ups so maybe if you can add an option to subscribe to the bottom of your post so your readers don’t miss out on any future freebies then I would say its as good a place to add one.